We designed and coded everything you see here. Including setting up their Helpscout system, email autoresponders, blog design, dynamic landing pages for A/B testing, and mobile optimization. Many of the pages “adapt” based on the user session attributes that are collected along their browsing path. I was also involved in revamping the UX design for their SaaS app.

MacQueen Fine Art

This is a portfolio site for a famous sculptor built on my custom WordPress theme. It shows what can be done on a tight budget. The real challenge here was using Photoshop and AI image enhancers to restore images that were captured as far back as the 1970s.


Xilr8 is a personal minimum viable product designed to grow organically via social media. I developed my own version of social media plugins to make Facebook and Youtube posts magically look great. Try sharing one of the videos to see the clean posts and linked images.

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